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Hey dudes! Wally here. I'm the speedster back from the dead. A lot has changed in a year since I've been gone, so I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. And despite the new red suit, I'm still the lovable Wally West you all love! Shoot me an ask if you've got any burning questions!

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I thought you knew! (Kyle, Pre-Stranded)


Kyle scratched his head. Where Wally was normally the blushing one, this time Kyle turned red. It wasn’t just the sun or the exertion. The artist was actually blushing.

"I, uhm, I dunno, man," he said sheepishly. "I guess it’s kinda embarrassing. I mean, how many people would think it’s actually cool if they found out? I’m a nerd. Nobody would believe it."

Wally grinned as Kyle’s cheeks reddened. “Oh Kyle, you don’t have to blush over me.” he laughed, knowing how many times Kyle had made fun of his blushing in the past. He wrapped his arm around his friend shoulders, leading him away from the group.

"Honestly man, I don’t know how many people would think its cool, but you’ve got the guys there you break dance with and me who think its cool, I’m sure there be tons of other people." Wally reassured. "Now, you owe me supper." the ginger laughed, leading Kyle down the boardwalk.

About half way to Wally’s favourite food place, he spotted a blonde man not too far away with some guy wrapped around him. When Wally got a closer look, he couldn’t help but curse under his breathe. “That fucker.” Wally frowned, looking as his ex-date get cozy with some other guy. The blonde man turned right then to look at the seething Wally, and he knew he was busted. Quickly, Wally devised a plan in his head, turning to Kyle for some help. “Dude, I need your help.” he said under his breathe, looking over at the blonde guy, Tyler, as he approached Wally with his guy in tow.

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I thought you knew! (Kyle, Pre-Stranded)


Kyle puffed up his cheeks and exhaled a slow breath. The secret was out. He looked between Mark and Wally and then sighed heavily.

"All right," he said, pulling his tank top off and tossing it at Wally, "I’ll do it."

He turned and stuck a finger in Wally’s face. “But you’re not allowed to use this against me.”

Kyle swung his arms back and forth and tossed his head from side to side. 

"Let’s do this."

The street dancing went off without a hitch and Kyle’s mood changed as he got into it. He went from sulky to grinning in the span of a few seconds, and though he wasn’t the best of the dancers, he held his own very well.

About a half hour later, they reached their grand finale. Kyle sprang to his feet and struck a pose. The guys all congratulated each other. Then Kyle wandered back over to Wally, grinning sheepishly.

"Yeah, uh, secret’s out, huh?"

Wally was lucky the shirt hit him straight in the face, or else Kyle would of notice him turn bright red as he ripped his shirt off in the middle of the day, in front of all these people. Sure, guys did it all the time, but not ones Wally was attracted to.

Wally watched as the guys moved around, they weren’t totally together at times but they put off a good show. They flowed together fairly well, though Wally was usually cheering on Kyle as he went for his big moves. 

As Kyle came back over to Wally, the runner smiled widely. “Dude that was great! You’re pretty good too, why’ja never tell me?” he asked, curious as to why Kyle kept it a secret.

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Wedding Planning (Artemis | Season 3)


"Right, right, you of all speedsters had to have the shoe burning effect. Great," she chipped in sarcastically. Artemis was definitely going to start buying shoes in bulk until Barry and Star figured this out. "It’s still hard to believe you’re running almost, if not twice as fast as before…" she mumbled, rummaging through some of her notes on the table as he looked at the dresses. She couldn’t help but scoff at the mention of his friends teasing him. If she was being truthful he wouldlook a bit like a carrot, “Well we can have a second colour… just not red. There is no way we’re having a Christmas wedding,” she warned, pointing at him.

Wally smiled sheepishly as she chastised him for his speed. “Look babe, if I could take it back I would. Hell, I’m half afraid to find out my true speed yet.” he said, moving to wrap his arms around her waist. Being near her always seem to ground his thoughts and push away the frightening ones, such as what could happen if he ran too fast. He laughed as she mentioned a Christmas wedding, kissing her finger as she pointed at him. “So I guess green is gonna stay.” he smirked, moving to look at some other schemes of colours she had laid out. “Well, we can always go with yellow, green and yellow go together right?” 

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do these two even have a name? wallemis? artally? SPITFIRE WOO!

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