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Hey dudes! Wally here. I'm the speedster back from the dead. A lot has changed in a year since I've been gone, so I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. And despite the new red suit, I'm still the lovable Wally West you all love! Shoot me an ask if you've got any burning questions!

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First Impressions (Artemis, Kingdom AU)


Artemis frowned a little (and it wasn’t just her reaction to the twins names - Don-ovan and Dawn? …). The life he was explaining the young heirs had was no life she’d wish on anyone. “They waited until they were five to see… the gardens?” She sputtered; she understood the twin prince and princess may have been a miracle, but even she thought that was taking protectiveness to a whole new level. “It sounds like they’re lucky to have you…Does your Uncle know of his adventures to the villages?” She asked, still trying to make sense of his family. 

"Yes, my cousin - Princess Mia. However, Oliver is not quite as protective as your Uncle sounds. Mia travels with us from time to time, though not as often as she would like I think," Artemis laughed a little, knowing Mia liked their ‘adventures’. "She’s probably close in age to the twins. Perhaps they’ll become friends - Mia can teach them what its like to not be so cooped up all the time." 

Artemis still could not get over Prince Richards nicknames. They were rather ridiculous, if anyone asked her. “Hmm,” She started, narrowing her eyes slightly, “I have to figure it out for myself? Well, do I get any clues?” There were many ways to get a nickname.. someone could have shortened his name, made a joke of him, etc. She was going to need more to go off of, or to overhear someone call him it. “Oh, pish posh, it’s a perfectly acceptable way to show how we - and our kingdoms - can get along. It would just be sparring; it isn’t like we would be fighting to the death… yet,” she teased, grinning at him as he turned towards her. 

"I personally will make sure that Keystone is cordially invited to the next competition then," The princess assured him, her smile only growing as he seemed almost as excited as her about the tournaments. She nodded at his next question, "Yes, for some. It would obviously depend on the competitors powers, but we do allow them. Though there are a few trials where powers of any kind would not be allowed. Makes it more interesting that way."

Wallace nodded his head sadly. “The both of them are deep into their studies because of it, so I guess it has some upsides to it, but I know how much they enjoy their time in the village.” he chuckled, thinking how amazed they would be when Wallace would buy them small trinkets from carts in the marketplace. Of course, he would always make up stories about how the two would get their latest toys when the King questioned him. He snorted when she asked if his uncle knew. “I don’t think I would allow on these excursions alone if he knew what I was up to. I have a guess my aunt knows, but I think she’s realizing this sheltered life their living isn’t for the best.” he smirked.

"I think the twins would like that, I believe they are getting on each others nerves from time to time now. The princess sounds quiet lovely, has she made the excursion to New Genesis?" Wallace asked. He would love to know more about Keystone’s royal family, since he may indeed being joining it soon enough.

Wallace thought for a moment. It wasn’t like he really wanted her to know the nickname, he found it rather embarrassing when it came from anyone but Dick and his aunt. “Well, I am not particularly fond of the name, but it’s not far off from my own.” he said honestly.

He had to laugh as she tried to reason the spar. “Well I suppose I can’t let the lady down, can I know? What kind of person would I be then?” he grinned. He was pleased to know Keystone would be invited to the next competition, he would certainly be looking forward to it. “There’s not a challenge where I have to do archery is there? That’s definitely not my strong suit.”

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Ground Beef Quinoa Tacos (Eat Cake for Dinner)

Do you ever wish that you were just full of tacos instead of that nasty thing called emotions? Well, forget all that pain and just let yourself eat to your fill and you won’t feel anything anymore. Because you’ll be ready for nap, and napping means you’ll forget everything. Take this the next time you go to the to your favorite taco truck and maybe they’ll give you some free food.

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Tiny taco night! Chicory can’t have cheese, so his are bean and carrot.

Chicken Tinga Tacos

Keep the important things in life safe.