heroes never die

Hey dudes! Wally here. I'm the speedster back from the dead. A lot has changed in a year since I've been gone, so I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. And despite the new red suit, I'm still the lovable Wally West you all love! Shoot me an ask if you've got any burning questions!

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do these two even have a name? wallemis? artally? SPITFIRE WOO!

Wanna know what song i listened to on a LOOP for this piece? Click on the picture to go listen to it…. do it ._.
On a side not, I got a teensy weensy bit inspired by johannathemad’s beauteous work. ^_^ 

geeEEEEEEEeeeeez. i must stop.
P.S. Thanks for 100 followers!

A commission of Wally all suited up c: 

So guess who started watching young justice? safjewfbenicjsefewc YOU GO WALLY WEST! YOU GO! WOO! YOU SO DANDY you can add this ship to my ocean as well.

A hundred hearts would be too fewTo carry all my love for you.



My ring is NOT lame >:[

Yes. Yes it is, Rayner.

Dude, you pretty much stole it from a dead guy. 

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Somebody take my computer away from me before I draw anymore of these two.

Flash fam